Steel Birds: logistics without roads
Steel Birds are a new class of logistics vehicle:
Off-road Electric Cargo Bikes.
They carry 160kgs.

Here’s the trick: Our bikes are nimble and rugged enough to use the paths, tracks and trails that criss-cross our planet. These networks are ancient, even ancestral. We make the logistics vehicles that use them.

In the urban context, they provide practical and cost effective logistics services, such as ‘last mile’ etc. whilst in the rural space, they reach out to marginalized villages and settlements and bring them into the economic loop, even the global economy.
Solar and Water
Where our logistic solution penetrates and taps into rural, urban or peri-urban economies, there is a very neat and valuable side-effect:

The photovoltaics and energy storage supporting Steel Birds, need to be above minimum requirement to account for weather variables. This creates a quantum of surplus energy that establishes a zero cost mini-microgrid. In turn, this initiates a familiarization of microgrids, encouraging further uptake.

Water filtration, desalination as well the the supply of clean water are a basic need in Africa. Solar power can be used to charge bikes as well as powering up a water cleaning unit. The bikes can be used for water delivery.
Microfactories - Local Production
Our business is to supply kits and knowhow to locally owned and managed microfactories where bikes and upcoming vehicles are build.

We franchise these low entry point enterprises. Our transport products are made locally, made for local use and the microfactories are locally owned. Maintanance and customization can be performed by the knowlegeable microfactory staff.

Our first microfactory was setup in 2018 in Sharpeville, Gauteng, South Africa. The project was supported by the German BMU (Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety).
Unlimited Applications
the pick-up truck of the bike world
Our bikes are ideal to move argicultural products like coffee, tropical fruits, roots, nuts, sugar cane and bring them to the marketplace. They can easily be converted into small scale cooling vehicles.
Steelbirds support craftmen, contractors, construction industry, chimney sweeps, electricians, plumbers, housing management, locksmith, car service … in their daily challenges.

Need a silent support vehicle for the national park?
Want to move sick patients from remote areas to a hospital?
Need AWD capabilities on narrow pathways?
Want to bring mobility into a tented refugee camp?

Yes we can.

Steel Bird Specification
Load capacity: 160 kg
Load area: 100cm x 80 cm (40" x 31")
Overall length: 2,5m
Tires: 120/90-16 or similar
Brakes: 180mm disk
Motor: geared BLDC 52V
Battery: LiFePo 52V 20Ah
Stand: dual, adjustable
Headset Bearing: angular roller
Smart Mobility Africa 2019
our first exibition
Transport Month in South Africa starts with the 'Smart Mobility Africa' Exhibition. We show the first cargobikes 'Made in Sharpeville'. This might be the first series vehicle being produced in a township ever.

They come in bright colors and are built with passion!
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